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An Uptown Base for Burgers and Steaks

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Someday, you may get your fill of burgers and steaks.

And that day... is April 26, 2065.

So, yeah, not today.


Sharpen some knives for Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar, a new HQ for those things we just said, plus all the onion-ring- and chorizo-corn-related sides you tend to enjoy, opening Thursday in Uptown.

You might remember Dee Lincoln from a little venture called Del Frisco’s. She knows a thing or two about red meat. And creating places where people can relax with red meat. And similarly colored wines. Kind of like this place. Because inside, it’s all dark woods and pops of orange. An open kitchen to the right. An L-shaped bar to the left. Top-notch filet-eating real estate over here.

Use this as your default power-dating location. For your meal: either the burger topped with a fried egg and tomato-bacon jam or... something else involving medium-rare meat.

For your table: try the patio out back. Sure, it’s enclosed now. But wait until you see it with the windows open.

Everything’s better with a cross breeze.

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