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Hot Springs and Hot Toddies in Chile

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Ah, the natural splendor of a mountaintop September.

The fresh snow. The volcanoes. The geothermal hot springs inside of the volcanoes.

Oh. You were expecting hot wassail and a s’more?

Then you probably weren’t expecting Hotel Alto Nevados, a new 99-room base of summer-skiing/hot-springing operations deep in the Nevados de Chillán that also looks kind of like a Sega Genesis game in hotel form (more on that in a second), taking reservations now.

To be clear, this place only looks like a video game circa 1992. Because it’s all blocky and pixelated on the outside. But on the inside, you’ve got the kind of Paul Bunyan meets Frank Lloyd Wright environment ideal for nursing hamstrings over pisco sours.

And since it’s in Chile, it’s the kind of place you’ll actually find snow on a mountain in September.

Take the on-site lift up the mountain and commence powder-carving activities. Have a soak in the thermal pool out back. Head to the lobby bar after and demand a hot toddy. It’s Chile. Pretty much just do your thing.

Also, when the weather does warm up, the valleys will still be rife with rappelling, canyoning, horseback riding and ziplining opportunities.

And by “rife,” we just mean you can do those things.


Hotel Alto Nevados
Camino Nevados de Chillán Km. 86
Comuna de Pinto
+562 42 2 206105
official website


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