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A Restaurant with a Thing for Go-Go Music

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It’s fall. Time to get you into some fine corduroy.

What’s that, you say... it’s still 85 degrees out. Right. Well then, in the meantime, may we suggest a restaurant named for that subcategory of fabric.

Take a look at Baby Wale, a downright cavernous new eatery and drinkery, now open in Shaw.

Yeah, so this is the next door sibling to Corduroy. But while that’s all quiet and proper, this place is more boisterous and freewheeling, with its unfinished walls plastered with rare concert posters from 1980s go-go shows. It’s also big. Big enough that they turned an entire tree into a chandelier.

Don’t make a reservation. Just walk in with a date. Order a roast chicken for two, because a) it’s good, and b) it takes 45 minutes. Which is plenty of time to sample the duck pupusas and cocktails like chili-infused margaritas and hibiscus mojitos.

And the bar: that’s big, too, about 40 seats’ worth. It’s where you’ll want to grab a pitcher of beer, a pair of Jersey dogs and maybe a crab roll while you attempt to make a new friend or two from whatever convention is down the street this week.

Those energy engineers know how to party.


Baby Wale
1124 9th St NW
(between L and M)
Washington, DC, 20001


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