Wing and a Prayer

Your Very Own Flying Wingsuit

None It’s been a long weekend.

So it would only make sense if your head were in the clouds today.

It would make significantly less sense if your body were, too.

Make significantly less sense for the Squirrel Wingsuit, a new BASE jumping suit designed to let you glide through the sky like an airborne mammal, available online now.

It’s a winged suit modeled after flying squirrels. Maybe you’ve seen some idiot flying around in one on a YouTube video before. Well, these guys want you to be that idiot, so they just made the whole scenario a lot more accessible to you.

Step 1: Learn how to BASE jump. Step 2: Reconsider learning how to BASE jump. Step 3: Go online and customize your suit. You’ll pick the colors of the body, zippers and leg accents. You’ll give them your height and weight, and your chest, forearm and bicep sizes. The point: you’re about to fly, so snug is good. Snug is your friend.

There’s only one suit available at the moment, but if you need a little time, there’s a new model coming that’s designed for the novice to do backflips and other such cloud-based acrobatics.

Or if you think you’re going to need a spare flying suit.

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