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It Tells You When the Commercials Are Over

None News and sports.

You’re okay with watching those on TV.

Commercials: less so.

Unless it’s that Hoveround one. That’s pretty funny.


Totally lose track of what that AT&T guy and all those kids are up to these days with Commercial Break, a new app that automatically lets you know when the commercials are over, available now for iPhone.

Short of pausing live TV, going out to grab a coffee and buying yourself a little fast-forward-through-the-commercials time, this thing’s all you’ve got. So we suggest doing the following:

Download the app. Turn on the TV. Laugh. Cry. Eat something delicious and watch Chris Berman make you feel horrible about your fantasy draft decisions. Then, whenever the commercials come on, get up and do whatever it is you need to do. You’ll get a push notification right before your show is about to come back on.

Oh, and it’s only compatible with CNN, ESPN and ESPN2 for now. But that actually works out, because we have it on good authority that football season is about to officially start.

It’s that game with the players and the thing and the helmets.

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