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Five Places to Extend Your Summer

This week, some people around you are going to be spreading ugly, vicious lies. Something about this summer ending. Listen, summer is over when you say it’s over. Or after you sleep in a treehouse. So with that in mind, we give you five summer-extending, post–Labor Day weekend escape options.

A 1950s Motor Lodge in the Woods

A 1950s Motor Lodge in the Woods

The Place: The Pines Motor Lodge.
The Provisions: A 1950s-era motor lodge that’s been lovingly restored to its gimlet-green glory. It’s Leave It to Beaver gone to summer camp.
The Unique Factor: Tiki lamps and Polynesian travel posters complete the retro theme. Actually, the old-school cocktail glasses and a real gimlet will.

A Houseboat with a Waterslide

A Houseboat with a Waterslide

The Place: A houseboat called the Trump.
The Provisions: Everything you need for a civilized jaunt down the Mississippi. Wet bar. Waterslide. Hot tub.
The Unique Factor: The Trump was featured on a show called My Big Redneck Vacation. So... yeah. There’s that.

Sleep Like a Mongolian Warrior

Sleep Like a Mongolian Warrior

The Place: Camp Manitowa.
The Provisions: Horses. Rope courses. Jet skis. And a game called Gaga, which is dodgeball on a trampoline.
The Unique Factor: Oh, yeah. The yurts. These domed structures favored by Mongolians are ideal shelters for big groups: a bachelor party, your entire office, basically any marauding horde.

A Tree That’s Conveniently a House

A Tree That’s Conveniently a House

The Place: Timber Ridge Outpost.
The Provisions: A house 20 feet in the air, wedged in a white oak tree. With running water. Kitchen. And a Sleep Number bed.
The Unique Factor: This is your best chance to live out your Tarzan fantasy. (His Sleep Number was 63, by the way.)

A Frank Lloyd Wright Overnighter

A Frank Lloyd Wright Overnighter

The Place: The Schwartz House, aka Still Bend.
The Provisions: A 1940 Frank Lloyd Wright house outfitted with a kitchen and high-def TV.
The Unique Factor: Well, it has the world’s first example of heated floors. Also, let’s see: you’re sleeping in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

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