Kii Master

Charging Your Phone with a Key

None Ben Franklin.

Jolly. Bespectacled. Lover of hearty beer and hearty freedom from tyranny.

Also, the man who discovered lightning was made of electricity.

So if you ever get the chance in another life, make sure to thank him for... this.

It’s Kii, a mobile charger and adapter for your iThings that looks like a house key covered in combat armor, available online now.

Because of course it is. Of course someone just invented a dual-sided phone charger disguised as a key on your key chain. So as long as you don’t lose your keys, you’ll be able to charge things and won’t have to say, “Well, that was pointless.”

The next time you’re about to hop on a company-wide conference call and your bars are getting low, reach for your pocket. Use the money in there to get a coffee. Then use the faux key in there to charge your phone. Just put one end in your phone and the other in your laptop.

It works with older and newer models, and once you’re done, you’ll turn it back into a key by reassembling it and...

Anyway, thus concludes today’s story about key things that charge your phone.

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