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An Oak Cliff Hang with Coffee and Churros

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If you’re going to pen the next great American novel, you’re going to need a few things.

1. A beginning.
2. A middle.
3. An end.
4. A steady stream of strong coffee.

Well, here’s your end: the butler was dead the entire time.

And here’s your coffee...

Drink something at Davis Street Espresso, an appropriately comfortable neighborhood coffee shop that’s peddling caffeine and churros, now open in Oak Cliff.

This place comes to you from the Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters guy. So, pedigree: check. Inside, it’s split in two. On the right, you’ve got industrial coffee roasters and shelves of beans. On the left: a café full of multicolored reclaimed wood, communal tables and fancy espresso machines for brewing fancy espressos.

We’d tell you when to drop by... but it’s a coffee shop. We’ll assume you’ve already got that part covered. Instead, here’s what to order when you do. To drink: something from the Alpha Dominche Steampunk machine. It’s as intense as it sounds. The only one of its kind in Dallas. Looks like a chemistry set and does magical siphon-y, science-y things to coffee beans.

To eat: a chocolate donut and a fried-to-crispy-perfection churro.

Weird. They know exactly how you take your churro.


Davis Street Espresso
819 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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