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If there were a T-shirt about today’s spot, it would read:

Barley &
Barrels &
Cocktails &
Wings &

You’d never wear this T-shirt, but the point is made.

Anyway: get thee to American Whiskey, a capacious wooded lodge full of oak-aged inebriant (or a huge whiskey bar, if you please), opening a week from today in Chelsea.

Whiskey and televised athletics are your aims here. “Here” being the cavernous main floor. With the red-wooded bar, the house-sized flat-screens and the two wall-mounted bison heads.

But to the whiskey: it’s one- and two-ounce pours of about 200 varieties, 150 of them ’Merican. Along with cocktails: 20 house-concocted and a dozen classics, including two on-tap mixtures. One, an award-winning Drambuie-tequila-mezcal number from a former drinks man at the Dutch. And the other, a Remember the Maine (top three on most “Spanish-American-War-Inspired Beverages” lists).

Soaking it all up: Duck, Duck, Goose Sliders (breast, confit and foie gras butter), duck-fat-fried tots and beer-brined wings (the way wings are meant to be brined).

Eventually, the top and bottom floors will be a taxidermy-laden, Teddy Roosevelt–themed loft and a private party space called the Barrel, respectively. And past the main bar, in the far right corner, there’ll be whiskey lockers, and they’ll serve you and many friends barrel-aged cocktails... in a barrel.

It’s the thinking man’s keg.


American Whiskey
247 W 30th St
(between 7th and 8th)
New York, NY, 10001


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