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Crab Fried Rice and Peanut Bourbon on 14th

Weekend. End of summer. We get it.

You’re probably already in the first-class lounge. (Or the HOV-3 lane.) So we’ll make this quick. When you get back: Southeast Asian on 14th Street.

Take your first look at Doi Moi, the long-awaited Vietnamese-Thai spot from the folks behind Estadio and Proof, opening Tuesday.

This place is downright airy. Bright. Optimistic, even. You’ll see no Edison bulbs here, no mid-century factory parts, no exposed brick (well, okay, a little, but it’s painted white).

Take a look around. There’s a three-sided bar of slab oak where you and a date... or a coworker... or both can start your night off with a cider by the glass, or maybe a peanut-infused bourbon with tamarind soda.

Take that and head to the open kitchen counter. Watch the cooks tossing up blue crab fried rice in the giant woks. Order some.

Or make for the dining room. There’s not a bad seat in there. And once you’re done being distracted by the white oak and the shelves of Asian travel books, you may want to order some black cod marinated in turmeric and dill.

Or you may want to open an Asian travel book store.


Doi Moi
1800 14th St NW
(at S St)
Washington, DC, 20009

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