Things to do for August 22, 2013

The Weekender

The NoMad Rooftop, Wine and Laughter

Take one weekend with dinner and another before bed.

UD - 30% Off at Freemans Sporting Club

30% Off at Freemans Sporting Club

Shackets: fun to say, fun to wear. Freemans Sporting Club’s got a natty one as part of their once-in-a-blue-moon sale, along with some Japanese-denim trousers and some button-downs that should round out your shirt collection nicely. Finally, you can stop buying shirts.

UD - Midday Patty Melts at the Butterfly

Midday Patty Melts at the Butterfly

We’ve got you pegged as the type who’d like to duck out for a midday patty melt and a cocktail right this second. If we have that right, you ought to know that the Butterfly’s doing lunch now. Commence inching toward the door.

Mon-Fri, 11:30pm-4pm, The Butterfly, 225 W Broadway (at White), 646-692-4943

UD - The Leadbelly, Now Hilarious

The Leadbelly, Now Hilarious

Oysters and comedy have been a classic pairing since... well, since you started reading this sentence. See, the Leadbelly’s doing comedy nights on Mondays now, along with dollar oysters. Which everybody knows are the Louis C.K. of the bivalve world.

Mondays, 9-11pm, The Leadbelly, 14 Orchard St (between Canal and Hester), 646-596-9142

UD - Dinner + a Movie on the NoMad Rooftop

Dinner + a Movie on the NoMad Rooftop

So there’s this wine documentary called Somm. You’re going to watch it Monday on the NoMad rooftop with fried chicken, popcorn and most likely a certain aged grape-y drinking substance. We can’t tell you which one.

What Else Is New
UD - This Week’s New Openings

This Week’s New Openings

For your thirst: Wine and the occasional double-braised pork knuckle: that’s what Amuse Wine Bar on the LES does.
For your hunger: One of Jiro’s (as in: Dreams of Sushi) apprentices has 10 seats of omakase for you at Sushi Nakazawa on Commerce Street. And east of Barclays, Milk River’s doing the bi-level live-music/Jamaican-Southeast-Asian/cocktail thing. That old shtick.

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