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Marquee Grill Lives. It’s Called Village Kitchen.

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Marquee Grill: 2011–like a month ago.



Okay, enough mourning. Meet the new Marquee Grill.

It’s called Village Kitchen, and it’s a casual lobster-roll-lunch-and-steak-frites-dinner revamp of the former fine-dining inhabitant, opening tomorrow in Highland Park Village.

Inside, the white tablecloths, glass chandeliers and black leather booths are gone. Now, it’s more relaxed, with hardwood floors, dark wooden tables and burnt-orange banquettes. Also, a new menu filled with things like smoked-brisket flatbreads, smoked-tomato meatballs and other things that aren’t smoked.

So it’s right in that nice-but-not-overly-nice sweet spot you can visit for weeknight dinners or client lunches. For the former, grab a circular booth, some shrimp corn dogs and a frozen margarita. For the latter, go with the lobster roll and an iced tea. Or a Fruity Pebbles milkshake. Now there’s a thing that oughta be spiked.

Oh, and each day, there’ll be different specials. Thursday it’s chicken and waffles. Friday is lobster thermidor. Saturday is steak night.

Mark your calendar accordingly.

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