Goal Train

This App Has Life Coaches and Doctors in It

None Let’s talk about those ambitious goals and dreams you set for yourself every Monday.

Specifically, how you forget about them every Tuesday.

The solution is Everest, a simple-on-the-surface-but-actually-quite-effective app that helps you accomplish your goals and dreams (it’s this or hire Tony Robbins, but he’s all big and almost creepy, so probably go with this), available now for iPhone.

It’s a goals app. You’ve seen these. But the creators behind this one rounded up a few doctors and TED speaker types as advisors here. And if anyone knows how to convince you to eat more kale, it’s probably those guys.

Log in with your email or Facebook and it’ll start an account for you. From there, you’ll start creating different “dreams.” They could be short-term (like reading more Tolstoy) or long-term (like becoming a stunt double for Rob Schneider in Surf Ninjas 2, if they ever make a Surf Ninjas 2). Then just add the steps to get there, set reminders and deadlines for each one and document everything with pictures as you go.

And if you need some ideas, you can always accept challenges from other people.

You haven’t been in a good dream race since ever.

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