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A DIY Pizza Shop by the White House

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A lot can happen in two minutes.

You can watch the Kentucky Derby. You can steal two cars (if you’re Nicolas Cage).

Or you can get a pizza designed to your exact specs.

Say hello to Custom Fuel, a new branch of the Fuel pizza mini-empire that has you playing pizza chef, opening Tuesday.

This isn’t like Kramer’s make-your-own-pizza idea, where you’re sticking your hands in the oven. They’ve got people to do that for you. Your job is just to pick everything you want on it.

You can keep things simple and ask for a Brooklyn Bridge (prosciutto, sausage, pepperoni, cherry peppers). Or go fully bespoke as you order up your dough, sauce (garlic oil, BBQ, pesto) and toppings (shrimp, basil, pulled pork).

Either way, you’ll watch your oval-shaped pie go through a 600-degree conveyor oven and pop out the other end in two minutes.

Now, sure, if you’ve got business near the White House, you’ll probably wind up here for lunch. But they’re open nights and weekends, too, for some low-key game watching on the flat-screens.

Oh, and there are 15 or so American beers in the bottle, plus a pair of frozen drinks.

Just the thing to take the edge off before your West Wing meeting.

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