Tide and True

This App Sees Waves Before They Happen

None Look at it out there. It’s glorious.

Eighty-two degrees. Headwinds from the southwest. Twelve-foot swells breaking every 14 seconds. Perfect time to grab a board and Point Break your face off.

Or maybe not. We just made those figures up. We’re not omniscient surfing prophets.

But this thing is:

It’s called Tide, and it’s a new app that tells you when and where you should be surfing at any given moment, available now for Windows Phone.

Plate tectonics. Lunar cycles. The fickle nature of bathing suit trends. These things impede your ability to predict surfing conditions. That’s where this app comes in. It’s tapped into the world’s most comprehensive surf database. Meaning it knows how high the waves are, how fast they’re coming and what they’ll be doing six hours from now. (They’re still working on that taco truck Doppler, though.)

So download the app and select a beach (it covers everywhere from Mavericks to Mozambique). You’ll then see all sorts of important surf-y intel, along with a little animated wave. Swipe that wave on the screen and it’ll change, showing you exactly what the swells will look like in the future.

Water. They’ll probably look like water.

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