McCoy’s Oceanfront

The Real McCoy

Rum Cocktails and Grilled Scallops by the Beach

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The perfect rum cocktail.

There are few things you wouldn’t do to track it down.

Which is great. Seriously. Remember that.

Because we’re asking you to cross the county line...

Set your GPS for McCoy’s Oceanfront, an oceanside enclave of briny delights and rum-fueled date nights, now open in Pompano Beach.

Pompano Beach. Not exactly the rum capital of the world. But this place’s namesake is Bill McCoy. Prohibition rum runner extraordinaire. So they’ve got a reputation to uphold. And if it means driving the distance to make sure that’s happening, well, sacrifices will be made.

So bring a date to accompany you on the ride. When you arrive, grab a couple of wicker chairs at the bar and start with the Guatemalan Rickshaw (Botran Reserva, watermelon, prosecco).

Then, head into the dining room. It’s a serene, ocean-like realm with decorative bronzed fish and old-timey photos of fishermen. Settle into a banquette and order some aged rum to go with the pan-seared scallops with rum butter and the Florida pompano. Request more rum. It’s what’s for dinner.

And for dessert: the ocean. Yeah, this place is right by the water. Might be a good opportunity for a sunset stroll.

The ocean’s a stand-up wingman.

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