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The New Zegna Store. It’s Now Open.

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Sad news for your legs:

In a few short weeks, summer will end. The weather will turn cold. Leaves will fall. And those swim trunks you’re wearing will be hopelessly out of style.

Well, you’ll be chilly in them at least.

So good news: Ermenegildo Zegna, the iconic maker of Italian suits and other finery, is back on Michigan Avenue after a five-month remodel and now open.

First and foremost, you once again have a convenient place to duck in and pick up a few necessities: maybe a sporty jacket with a Bluetooth iPhone control in the sleeve or a wool overcoat straight from Milan.

You know: the basics.

But since they’ve gone through the trouble of adding an entire second floor that happens to look like a bedroom of an Italian duke, stay. Poke around. There’s contemporary art. A fireplace. Cashmere. So much cashmere.

In fact, what the hell. Get a suit made. They’re launching their Personalization Project in September. So if you’re the type who looks through 700 swatches of fine Italian fabric and says, “Meh, I can design my own fabrics,” this is for you. They’ll get on the phone with the factory and make it happen.

Starting cost: less than a Maserati.


Ermenegildo Zegna
645 N Michigan Ave
(between Erie and Ontario)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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