How High

Rooftop Cocktails Above Herald Square

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Never you mind these clouds.

They’re nothing.

Instead, think to the future.

To the brighter days ahead.

The days you’ll spend atop a roof with a steady flow of tequila drinks coming your way.

The days spent at Monarch, an indoor-outdoor wonderland of cocktails in the sky, opening tonight in Herald Square.

If you’ve seen Ava Lounge at the Dream, then you know what the two guys behind this place can do with a rooftop. So say you’re at work right now. Now say you’d rather be elsewhere. This is that elsewhere. A down-the-rabbit-hole-type spot where you can take a load off on an undulating floral-velvet sofa with some tequila-lime-pineapple-peppercorn medicine in one hand and a panini in the other.

Two ways to go about this: sticking with the great indoors—oversize velvet wing chairs in a sort of mod-rustic, skylit lounge (like a walk-in, bar-equipped raincoat). Or stepping outside to the vast balcony, where you and that fresh-off-the-clock cohort can stare out at famous architecture from couches 18 floors above the earth.

Whichever you choose, a) cocktails will be there, and b) linger until after the rest of the post-work crowd fades, as they’re expecting some household-name-level DJs.

Assuming you live in the kind of house that names DJs a lot.

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