Bike Force

A Tiny Police Officer Who Lives on Your Bike

None Two tires. A frame. Some handles. Maybe a kickstand.

What we’ve just described to you is a bike.

When you have one, try to hang on to it.

But in the event you can’t...

Ring your bell for BikeSpike, a Mission Impossible–like device that you pop on your bike so you’ll always know where it is, available for preorder now.

This is basically like finding a really tiny police officer, placing him on your bike and just letting him do his job. It looks like any other part of the bike. It’s small and black, and you’re going to screw it onto one of the bars. Or inside the optional water bottle holder. That’s it.

Imagine you’ve pulled over for a hamburger somewhere along the Beltline. Maybe a nice glass of iced tea. Then imagine you getting a notification on your phone that your bike is being tampered with. That’s when you run outside and yell, “Hey, rapscallion. That’s mine.” And if you’re too late: it’ll automatically track its whereabouts so you can follow it and alert the authorities.

It also counts your calories and tells people if you get into a crash.

Yes, this could get embarrassing.

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