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Remember that wish you made when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake last year...

Well, it’s about to come true.

(Disclaimer: the above is only valid if you wished for Dallas to get an Alamo Drafthouse.)

Silence your phone for the Alamo Drafthouse, a local version of the Austin institution that’s famous for its beer, movies and beer during movies, soft-opening Thursday in Richardson.

If ever there were a reason to pile into the car and head north, this is it. A bar/restaurant/movie theater hybrid that’s sporting seven screens, eight pizzas and 32 drafts. Which, do the math and... yup, the numbers work in your favor.

So one insanely hot or incredibly overcast day soon, stop inside and buy a couple tickets. Then, head toward the bar, post up at a wooden stool and pick up some refreshments (a Community Public Ale and a prosciutto-and-goat-cheese burger) to take with you into the theater.

All that’s left to do now is sink into your leather aisle seat and watch a movie. And subtly signal one of the servers should you need a fresh pint at any point during the film.

In a world... where you drink beer in a movie theater...


Alamo Drafthouse
100 S Central Expy, Ste 14
Richardson, TX, 75080


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