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Shock and Raw

Carpaccio. Negronis. Patio. This.

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Revenge. They say it’s a dish best served cold.

Turns out, so is octopus. And lardo.

The proof: Bar Crudo, a bright, artsy nook with chilled octopus carpaccio, barrel-aged Negronis and a pet-friendly wraparound patio, soft-opening this Thursday in SoFi.

Here’s what you won’t find in this place: stoves, ovens, heat lamps. Yup, with the exception of some lone crostini, everything on the menu comes raw. So if you wake up in one of those I’ve-got-to-have-a-mound-of-pork-belly-tartare moods, problem solved.

Think: Greenwich Village. That’s the inspiration here. Hand-painted tiles, framed sketches lining the walls and a marble-topped bar with a tufted-leather base. (But sorry, no Joan Baez.) It’s the kind of spot you’ll come to for long, lazy twilights with friends over black-tea-smoked beef carpaccio and snapper ceviche. Also: copious barrel-aged Negronis. 

And if you have a four-legged pal, good news. There’s a sizable terrace out front with plenty of sniffing room and a cool bowl of water waiting to be lapped up.

To be clear, that’s for your dog.


Bar Crudo
40 S Pointe Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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