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Furniture Made from Old Barn Parts

None If ever there were a day to talk about barn doors, serial numbers and the criminally handsome octagonal side table you’re about to own that features both...

It’s a Monday.

Make room in your place/life/heart for BarnBeautiful, a Stockbridge-based outfit that dismantles Georgia barns, transforms them into attractive furniture and brands them with a tracking number for your conversation-starting convenience, available now.

So here’s how this works... First, a barn is erected. Then, animals move in. Then, animals move out. Then, these two guys take the barn apart, refurbish those parts, turn them into a coffee table and etch a code into the wood. And that’s where you come into the equation.

Because mainly you’re in this to get something rugged to rest drinks on top of. Something that a date will inevitably inquire about and then you’ll inevitably explain how it was once part of a 100-year-old mule stable. And that there’s a serial code on the bottom that proves it. And for one reason or another, that’ll be really impressive.

Oh, and if you want to see this stuff in person, these guys just recently starting peddling their pieces at Paris on Ponce.

Hard to appreciate a sconce without seeing it in person.

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