Clinton Hall

In Like Clint

A Handsome New FiDi Beer Garden

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Extricate yourself immediately from your present situation.

If that means quitting a job, maybe ending a relationship, well... them’s the breaks.

For you must answer the clarion call of a new bratwursted beer garden...

The one they call Clinton Hall, a shaded beer garden of beery beer beer in FiDi, now open.

This thing is right off the water. A corner spot beneath some massive (and strangely comforting) scaffolding where you can sit down among rows of thirsty comrades and down Tripel Karmeliets, Weihenstephaner hefeweizens and other, more pronounceable beers. All delivered via a tap system that keeps each delicious drop of Belgian, German or American craft exactly as cold and bubbly as its brewers intended.

To fortify: you’ve got smoked krainerwurst (beef, pork, garlic) on pretzel rolls and spätzle. (Welcome to prime umlaut territory.)

Your move: post-work. Or right now. (It opens at 11.) Spend some outdoor bonding time with as many friends as are willing. Stake out one of the picnic tables, call next on the ping-pong table and feel the breeze brought in by the narrow architectural canyon that is Rector Street.

Tough to find a good architectural canyon these days.

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