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Your Alfresco Desk Is Here

None Quick, scan your desk. Nothing wrong with it, per se. Couple drawers. Stack of papers. “World’s Greatest Expense Report Filer” plaque.

But it’s not as... outside as it could be.

Time to change that.

Here’s BalKonzept, a piece of furniture out of Germany that turns any balcony into an instant alfresco office, available now.

Pretty simple, this thing is, in a “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” kind of way. The components: recycled plastic, just enough room for your laptop, a phone and a couple other essentials (three-hole punch, we’re looking at you).

But also: a groove on the back that lets it slide onto just about any balcony railing. So telecommute. Or tell the boss you’re “out on a sales call.” Whatever. But bring your show out to the balcony. That’s it, realign your chair to follow the sun. Or stand up and go all Eva Perón at the passersby.

And, oh yeah, there’s a flower box built in. Doesn’t mean you have to put flowers in it. Try some ice and a beverage of your choice.

Yup, orange Hi-C is what we were thinking, too.

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