Neer Factor

Turning Your Face into a Wooden Portrait

None Every great face belongs somewhere.

Lincoln’s belongs on the penny.

The Man’s belongs on the moon.

And yours belongs on a big piece of wood...

Beats a milk carton.

Strike a pose for Veneer Images, the brainchild of a local artist who takes a photograph of your face and turns it into a wooden masterpiece (yes, you finally get to have that happen), awaiting your custom request now.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a wooden-portrait artist here. Not the first one in the course of history. But he’s definitely the first one working in a Sandy Springs basement studio and willing to meet up with you to discuss your wooden-visage needs.

Anyway, name’s Rob. Great guy. Really takes carpentry to a weird level.

The result: just a piece of art that’s going to look interesting wherever you decide to hang it. Either have him snap a pic of you or send him one of your own that could use a good immortalizing. He’ll create a template. Then, he’ll find the perfect pieces of wood to match the hues in the picture and get to work.

No trees were harmed in the making of your face...

... is a statement that’s not at all true.

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