The Fly

Jetpacking Around Lake Lewisville

None Iron Man. The Silver Surfer. Circus performers in cannons.

They’ve all had their turn.

Now it’s your time to shine...

And by shine, we of course mean strap yourself to a jetpack.

Secure your life vest for FlyBoard Nation, a new operation that’ll have you levitating above Lake Lewisville on a stand-up jetpack, now open.

This is one of those get-me-in-the-water-by-any-means-necessary summer activities. Just you, the open lake and some jetpack boots. They’re what make you careen to and fro at heights of up to 35 feet. Well, those and the jet ski you’re tethered to by a giant hose. Which force-feeds water into your propulsion pack to keep you airborne. So... yup, exactly how Marvel would’ve drawn it up.

When you’re ready to... haphazardly zigzag about, head up to Lake Lewisville. Make your way to Party Cove (seems fitting) and meet your instructor. He’ll give you a few tips. Things like “Use your arms for balance.” And “Become one with the jetpack.”

Then, off you go. Off the dock and up in the air. Twirling around. Doing backflips. And nosedives. And crazy aerial maneuvers for which names haven’t even been invented yet.

That’s why you wear a helmet.


FlyBoard Nation
at West Lake Park
Hickory Creek, TX, 75065

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