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Bars That Let You Bring Your Own Food

A restaurant that doesn’t serve booze—that’s easy to solve. But a bar that doesn’t serve food... Hmm. You could try to subsist on their bowls of Chex Mix. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a few places that encourage (or at least don’t prohibit) some outside grub—and where you might obtain such morsels.

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

What You’re Drinking: Bottles of beer, from the ironic (Löwenbräu) to the serious (Stone Ruination).
Where You’re Stopping First: Red Apron Butchery at Union Market.
What You’re Eating: The Porkstrami sandwich, a mix of pastrami-cured pork, bacon and bacon-braised sauerkraut. Did we mention the pork...

Raven Grill

Raven Grill

What You’re Drinking: A boilermaker.
Where You’re Stopping First: Just down the block, at Beau Thai Mount Pleasant.
What You’re Eating: The spicy panang curry bowl. Which won’t take up much real estate at the tiny bar.

Board Room

Board Room

What You’re Drinking: Housemade sodas like strawberry-basil spiked with vodka.
Where You’re Stopping First: Nowhere, because Banana Leaves around the corner will deliver to the bar.
What You’re Eating: Snow crab nigiri, BBQ eel and dragon rolls. Which also make handy game pieces in a pinch. 

Iron Horse Taproom

Iron Horse Taproom

What You’re Drinking: An array of rare Allagash Belgian ales on tap at the small bar.
Where You’re Stopping First: Luke’s Lobster around the corner.
What You’re Eating: A lobster roll. It’s from Maine. Your beer is from Maine. Enough said.

Bedrock Billiards

Bedrock Billiards

What You’re Drinking: A shot of something stiff.
Where You’re Stopping First: Mellow Mushroom, just through the alley to 18th Street.
What You’re Eating: The Philosopher’s Pie, with steak, portobellos and artichoke hearts. Just keep it off the felt.

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