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London. Been in the news lately.

Partly because of a certain newborn currently ruling over England with his precious iron fist.

But also: because their most famous auction house decided to go and do this...

Make a few impulse purchases at Christie’s Gentlemen’s Luxury Accessories Auction, a mother lode of vintage cocktail shakers, humidors and other art-deco-fied objects of immense handsomeness, yours for the taking until July 29.

If the Monopoly Man had a yard sale, this is the stuff you’d find. Hip flasks. Louis Vuitton golf bags. Thimbles. Kidding about the thimbles.

Point is, there’s a lot to be had. Sixty-three lots, actually. And we’ve sorted out the highlights...

Lot #10: An Hermès humidor.
Potential Uses: Safekeeping Cohibas; gifting to Dad; preserving cookies.

Lot #24: A set of mother-of-pearl gaming chips with unopened vintage playing cards, circa 1900.
Potential Uses: Poker nights; using as collateral during poker nights.

Lot #6: A 1935 Lady’s Leg cocktail shaker.
Potential Uses: Making martinis; starting conversations; eliciting terrible “shake a leg” jokes.

Lot #57: A century-old gavel cocktail measure.
Potential Uses: Making martinis; starting conversations; demanding order in your bar.

Lot #48: A sterling silver caviar bowl.
Potential Uses: Entertaining oligarchs; serving the most elegant nachos ever.

Caviachos. Make it happen.

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