Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Piece of Cake

An ATM. Full of Cupcakes.

None Hey, look at that... Twinkies are back.

And hey, look at this... an ATM full of cupcakes.

Big couple of weeks for baked goods.

Enter your PIN for the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, our fair city’s first mechanized cupcake dispensary, now open in Preston Center.

Chances are, someone you know will be into this. And that someone (could even be you) will find/fabricate a few reasons to investigate further. Reasons like these.

You need a birthday/anniversary/sorry-about-that gift.
No problem. That’s what this is made for. Step right up, punch a few buttons and out comes a salted-caramel cupcake in a to-go box. Consider it gift wrapping.

You’ve got a movie date.
And you need snacks. Popcorn’s kind of boring, but chocolate-marshmallow cupcakes: way more difficult to eat in the dark. Not boring, though.

You don’t know how to bake.
Midnight is a weird time to realize that. But this thing’s got you covered. And it’s open 24 hours because, you know... ATM.

You want an early breakfast of banana cupcakes.
Pair it with milk, juice, fruit and a bowl of Cheerios, and you’ve got a balanced breakfast, plus a cupcake.

Rampant inflation forces society to adopt a cupcake-based currency.
It could happen.


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
4020 Villanova Dr
Dallas, TX, 75225

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