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Boulettes Larder. So delicious. So classic. So... closed for renovations.

This should help: Bouli Bar, a handsome new sister restaurant from the folks behind Boulettes Larder, now soft-open right next door in the Ferry Building.

Great timing, seeing how you’ve been meaning to...

... close some deals.
Business. Pleasure. Doesn’t matter. What does matter: the Scandinavian blond-wood tables, where you’ll celebrate over flatbread pizzas (served up from a wood-burning oven) or steak tartare. (Gordon Gekko would approve.)

... catch up with the classics.
It’s mostly a restaurant situation here, but the bar’s a solid play if you just want a quick drink. Their specialty: classic cocktails—martinis, Negronis, so on and so forth. Oh, and they have a frappato from Sicily, if you’re into that sort of thing.

... get really into Hungarian pot cheese.
See, they have a larder window (facing Prather Ranch), and you can get stuff to go for a picnic or a date night in. Stuff like Sicilian anchovies. Or Sherman Island eggs. Or chocolate tarts. Or körözött—that’s the aforementioned pot cheese (a sort of crumbly, unaged type of fromage).

In case anyone asks.


Bouli Bar
1 Ferry Building
(at the Embarcadero)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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