Things to do for July 18, 2013

The Weekender

Spiked Granitas, Boston Cream Donuts and Burt Lancaster

The weekend is working on its night moves.

Drinking with Fake Gods of Pleasure

Drinking with Fake Gods of Pleasure

Dionysus. God of wine. Role model to Jim Morrison. Star of Oberon’s immersion-theater show called The Bacchae. Grab a table. Watch people play weird drums and be all art-y. You may even be ensconced by a flock of feral priestesses at some point. Don’t worry, you’ll know when.

Spiked Italian Ice. Well, All Right.

Spiked Italian Ice. Well, All Right.

If you head into Davio’s right now and ask for a housemade adult granita, they’ll give that to you. Passion fruit with Grand Marnier. Prickly pear with tequila. Just say the word. They’re available through August. Because after that, it starts getting cold and it makes no sense to drink granitas.

Through Aug 31, $4, Davio’s, 75 Arlington St, 617-357-4810

Burt Lancaster. So Much of Him.

Burt Lancaster. So Much of Him.

Burt Lancaster. Guy really knew how to make a Field of Dreams cameo. Wasn’t too shabby in like... a million other movies, either. Related: the Harvard Film Archive is screening his legend-building body of work through September. Except that Field of Dreams cameo, but you’ve already seen that a million times anyway.

Jul 19-Sep 8, $9 (tickets available 45 min before showtime), Harvard Film Archive, 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, 617-495-4700

Puritan & Company. Brunch. Sunday.

Puritan & Company. Brunch. Sunday.

If you think Puritan & Company should start serving brunch this Sunday, raise your hand. Hold on while we get a count. Okay, that’s enough hands. They’ll do it. Hope you like Boston cream donuts, ham-and-cheese cheddar-biscuit sandwiches and pancakes. And fake hand-counting scenarios.

Sundays starting Jul 21, 11am-2pm, Puritan & Company, 1166 Cambridge St, Cambridge, reserve at 617-615-6195

What Bully Boy Has to Say About Tuesday

What Bully Boy Has to Say About Tuesday

So there’s this four-course Bully Boy Distillers dinner at Saloon on Tuesday. It’s where they pair their American oak-aged whiskey with pork shoulder, their just-released Boston rum with espresso panna cotta, and you with Tuesday night plans. That never happens.

Jul 23, 6:30pm, $45, Saloon, 255 Elm St, Somerville, reserve at 617-628-4444

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