Sip Stir Café

Big Stir

Cold-Brewed Coffee on McKinney Ave

Used to be, when you were craving real coffee in the West Village, you... well, you were SOL.

Which, yeah, was a problem. Neighborhood coffee’s kinda essential.

Seems like somebody else agreed...

Hold a cup out for Sip Stir Café, a Zen-like hangout with strong joe, flaky pastries and remote office potential, now open on McKinney Ave.

And just in case you need a how-to-coffee-shop refresher, this might help.

Stop in for a morning pick-me-up. They’re making cold-brewed coffee in an elaborate, slow-drip chemistry set. This bit of sorcery lowers the coffee’s acidity level, which makes it taste good. Damn good.

You need a break. A moment to relax. Preferably with wi-fi. So sink into a high-backed leather banquette. Then take a look around. Avocado greens, light woods, white marble. Plants growing on the walls like it’s some kind of terrarium. Soak it all in. Feel your blood pressure lower. Steal a quick nap.

You have a date tonight. A first date. A casual encounter where you’ll get to know each other over Americanos and walnut scones. Talk about music. And hobbies. And whether they have a walnut allergy.

All that usual first-date stuff.


Sip Stir Café
3800 McKinney Ave, Ste 180
Dallas, TX, 75204

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