Iron Supplements

Living Room Gold. This Is Where to Find It.

None We have a theory.

Hear us out.

Okay, so, Edison. When he invented the lightbulb, he set into motion a series of interconnecting events that all led to...

Other inventions.

Some of which are about to make your place look a lot more interesting.

Thanks for hearing us out.

Also, meet Snodon Iron, an OTP-based webstore with an arsenal of salvaged, no-two-are-alike hunks of metal repurposed into anything from steel chandeliers to coffee tables made from old car parts, online now.

Think about it. You’ve been wondering how to make your surroundings more like a master welder’s private trophy room. (Maybe. Probably.) And who knew a couple of metal workers in Winder would be your answer. (They did, probably. They probably knew it.)

Everything here was made from something else, so you’re basically getting three things in one. 1) Bonus points for being environmentally conscious, 2) deep-sounding ice breakers like “This lamp used to be an old water meter cover” and 3) a medieval-looking chandelier. Because you should probably just own one of those.

Check out the robot-shaped table lamps, too. One’s got wrenches for legs. The other’s made from an electrical box and an old Bialetti coffeemaker.

Don’t even think about it.

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