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That one time you caught the secret late-night Prince show: yeah, that was at Sayers Club, hidden behind Papaya King.

Stevie Wonder: also Sayers. LP: Sayers. Black Keys: Sayers. Gotye: yup.

And about that time you went to the totally new bar in front for a pizza...

Well, that’ll happen tomorrow at 6pm.

Part the curtains for Sayers Front Room—sbe’s dark, sexy after-work spot that’s taken over where Papaya King once lived, officially opening tomorrow. Surprise.

Basically, you’ve got nothing against an amazing 1am show. Over at Sayers, Jason Scoppa has been making those happen for a while now.

But you’ve also got nothing against starting your evening a little before sundown, stepping into a dark cave of mirrors and blue velvet with your date, and waving over a pesto salad pizza and a couple of Mexican Firing Squads, made with tequila, lime and pomegranate grenadine. The doors open at 6pm. So... you’ve got a 6pm meeting to cancel.

And as your evening progresses, you’ll reminisce about the nights you’ve spent here. (Well, not here, but you know.) You’ll order some more tequila drinks. You’ll talk about the guitar mounted on the wall over your table—it’s signed by the Black Keys.

Wonder where they got it.


Sayers Front Room
1645 Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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