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A Butchery That’s Also a Beer Garden

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Fact: a new butcher shop is born every four seconds.

Actually, while you were reading that, another one just popped up.

But this one comes with its very own German beer garden.

Raise your stein to The Butcher Shop, your friendly neighborhood protein purveyor with the added bonus of a German-style beer garden, now open in Wynwood.

You’ve always said, “Hey, someone should really stick a butchery in the middle of a German beer garden.” Okay... maybe you’ve never said exactly that. Point is, that’s what’s happening here. Also: about damn time.

First things first: grab a wooden picnic table in their graffiti-and-trellis-filled garden. It’ll probably be really... warm. One word: beer. Two more words: on draft. They’ve got frosty pours of their own private-label lager here. Order one to go with your grilled protein of choice. Like a prime Black Angus burger on a warm pretzel bun. Or some smoked kielbasa with a side of kraut.

By now, you’ll be inspired. Which means time to head into the market and go crazy with their 24-foot-long meat case. It’s got duck, short rib and housemade sausages like chorizo and weisswurst that you can grill yourself.

Just wait until Oscar Mayer hears about this.


The Butcher Shop
165 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL, 33127


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