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And if it doesn’t rhyme with shried ficken... you read it all wrong.

Meet Chick-a-Biddy, Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere’s latest and greatest invention that’s about to drop gratuitous amounts of fried-chicken sandwiches and frozen juleps into your life, opening tomorrow in Atlantic Station.

Congratulations. You’re about to hit the jackpot in the laid-back-spots-to-have-chicken-and-three-coffee-lunches category. It’s got a retro diner vibe about it. White-and-gray square-tiled floors. Metal chairs. That salt-pepper-and-hot-sauce trifecta on every table.

So, tomorrow. Be in Atlantic Station at 11am sharp. Pretend you’re already a regular. Slide into your “favorite” booth. Arrogantly laugh when you’re handed a menu and go for your “usual” (wood-grilled fish tacos and a frozen ginger julep). Actually, no. You’ll do the fried-chicken sandwich with Creole mayo today.

Unless you wait for the weekend brunch, that is. Head to the patio. Wear sunglasses. Drink a Biddy Mary with Brooklyn Bloody mix and a celery-salt rim. Eat a breakfast burger.

Wait... no, yeah, that’s right.


264 19th St NW, Ste 2140
Atlanta, GA, 30363


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