Slice Capades

A Piece of Art for Playing Ping-Pong On

Koala bears.

Dyson vacuums.

Lloyd Bridges’s hair.

All exotic, beautifully designed wonders.

The problem: you can’t play ping-pong on any of them...

But you can on Slice, an equally exotic, equally beautiful table-tennis... table, available online now.

Hit the site and have a good look-see. Really get in there. Stare deeply into the midnight-black Richlite, steel and rubber heart of it all. Why, yes, it does hail from Brooklyn. Why, yes, it probably was forged in some fortified design bunker by artists who just want you to have a beautiful surface to play tiny tennis on.

And yes, it’s pretty great-looking.

The base is all optical-illusion-y. Kind of looks like a Rorschach test in leisure-sports form. Which means, among other things, that this thing would look every bit as smashing in your living room as it would in, say, your conference room.

We hear Andy Murray has two.

Not really.


He should, though.

Anyway, fancy ping-pong.

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