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Get Uma Thurman to Go Home with You

UrbanDaddy - The Hollywood Wax Museum Auction Ultimately, the fates deprived you of the chance to score your own military jacket from Jacko's closet.

But nothing's going to stop you from taking Uma Thurman home. So you've got just enough time to prep for tonight's Hollywood Wax Museum Auction.

This is the first time the long-living tourist haunt has ever unleashed its wares to the public—and that (ahem) statuesque wax sculpture of Uma as Mia Wallace will go from unnerving to wondrous when uprooted from the fanny-packed shutterbugs and placed in the general vicinity of your flat screen. (Especially when it's actually playing Pulp Fiction.)

In terms of decor upgrades, the possibilities are endless—Bogart from The Maltese Falcon will add some dapper to your closet, Tom Cruise works on the couch and Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch could bring a nice bit of whimsy to your roaring AC grates come summertime.

But if you just don't have room for vaguely terrifying life-size replicas in your place right now, we suggest some creative gift-giving—as an intimidation tactic, you could arrange for your enemy target to wake up looking at the masked Scream killer or, perhaps, the lady in your life would like a new jewelry box (Mr. T). And there's even a zombie MJ from Thriller—circle of life.

Which reminds us: they've got an Elton John, too.


The Hollywood Wax Museum Auction

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