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It's hot. It's time to get off the island.

And sure, you're probably thinking about a little beach weekender, but why not start in Queens. (Yes, we're serious.)
Sasha Petraske and Richie Boccato's dark, mysterious and gently priced Long Island City 1890's saloon Dutch Kills officially opens this Friday.

Think of the new LIC (an easy jaunt by cab or subway) watering hole as the field trip version of Little Branch, complete with obscenely dark lighting, live ragtime and hand-crafted cocktails (for a scant nine bucks). Oh, we forgot to mention the twist: the bar is just ominous and old-timey enough to give you a pervasive feeling that you may get murdered by Bill the Butcher at any moment.
But fictional tough guys aside, the space is built to feel like a three-room 1890's Dutch Kills (the former name of a section of LIC) neighborhood saloon, with dark, coffered mahogany walls and ceilings, white tile floors and antique cash registers. So, if you're looking for a place to bring a date you think is cooler than you are (however impossible that may be), or if you need a new off-the-beaten-path drinking hole where you can sort things out over a few hand-crafted Presbyterians, welcome home.
Settle in the low-ceilinged front room or pull up a stool at the bar in the middle room if you're looking to focus on the rye old-fashioneds. But if you're in the mood for a little live ragtime, head into the sawdust-covered back room where the band will be wailing away on a piano that Richie stole from his mom.
Looks like those piano lessons finally paid off.


Dutch Kills
27-24 Jackson Avenue
(at Dutch Kills St)
Long Island City
Queens, NY, 11101


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