Love, Italian-Style

Sexy Time at the Milan Furniture Fair

<font size="2">At this year's Milan Furniture Fair—or the Salone del Mobile, as your more pretentious friends call it—German publisher Daab Press put together</font> <a href= ""><font size="2">Love Design</font></a><font size="2">, an exhibition of high-design sex toys and sex-inspired objects. (There's also a tie-in book, but where's the fun in that?) More than 20 works were on display; these three are our favorites.</font>

Fake It Like You Mean It

If you're looking to make your partner jealous, there's this: a set of nine tools—from lipstick to perfume, to gadgets that leave bite marks—that can be deployed to fake an affair. Handy if you're too busy to meet a second special someone, or if having an actual affair seems too much like work.

Mattress Music

Everyone relives their favorite bedroom memories from time to time; this bed helps you do that a bit more literally. The Vessel One records sounds made in the bed's vicinity, then replays them at random. No word on if it sleeps as well as a Serta—or if it includes a mute button for when the in-laws stop by unexpectedly.

Heavenly Creature

Here's one you might actually use: 8ème Ciel—that's French for 8th Heaven—is a sex toy with eight metal balls inside a silicon massage pad. (We'll let your imagination figure out what to actually do with it.) Obviously, it's for the ladies, though we suspect said ladies won't mind if you break one out during a hot session aboard Vessel One.

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