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Bold, brazen and borderline illogical moves may be exactly what we need right now.
Like, for instance, attempting to create the most opulent, selective, celebrity-fueled drinking dojo this side of Rose Bar.
Okay, maybe we don't need it, but we're certainly not looking the other way…
Welcome to The Gates, your new semi-private lounge/restaurant from Danny Kane and Rod Surut (Naked Lunch), soft-open right now for a slew of grand Tribeca Film Festival parties.
It may help to picture the Gates as an early-1900s-style hotel lounge, but with the attitude of Soho House, Rose Bar and GoldBar rolled into one marble-encrusted crazybox. Walking through the massive solid brass gates, you'll find yourself surrounded by a never-ending swath of antique marble, more solid brass and a little fire (the big three of over-the-top design)—every piece of which was taken from the 1916 drawing room of the Donald Trump-destroyed Biltmore Room hotel.
It's the kind of place you'll want to drop by when you're in the mood for a martini and an early look at tomorrow's Page Six headline—complete with a smallish bar up front, a padded cell-phone booth and a large, banquette-lined space in back where things get a little more private and a little bit louder.
And since the club is staunchly anti-promoter, they've created what they're calling the Ambassador Program, a group of 100 scenemakers, artists and models who get carte blanche access to the club and charity donations made in their name.
And isn't that what boozing is all about?


The Gates
290 8th Ave
(between 24th and 25th)
New York, NY, 10010


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