Solar System

A Solar-Powered Grill. Yep.

None Below, a few crucial things to remember tomorrow.

1. Always cook chicken to 165 degrees.

2. Neil Diamond’s “America” is a national treasure.

3. Try to use a grill that has been thoroughly vetted by Himalayan nomads.

About that last one...

Find a spot of sun for SolSource, a handy solar-powered grill for cooking steaks off the grid/in your backyard, available for preorder now on Kickstarter.

What you have here: one hell of a conversation starter. Also: a bunch of reflective panels shaped into what looks like a satellite dish. (Some assembly required.)

Those panels harness energy from the sun, which quickly heats up the attached grill plate. Within minutes, you’ve got a hot surface for grilling kebabs on your patio. Or anywhere else that’s not experiencing a solar eclipse.

Oh, and that Himalayan nomad thing: all true. See, the guys behind this were working in rural mountain villages, trying to find some new inexpensive and eco-friendly ways of cooking food. And this is what they came up with.

We’re sure you’d have thought of this eventually.

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