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Le Méridien’s New Restaurant Looks Like So

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Fine. Go. Just get out of here.

Tomorrow you’ll venture out and seek all that independence you hold so dear.

But when you come crawling back the next day, wondering where to turn...

Well, you’ll already know. Because we’re about to tell you.

Liberate yourself with Portico, a shiny new breakfast-to-dinner-to-cocktails-around-the-fire-pit spot that’s tucked away directly behind Le Méridien’s lobby bar, opening Friday in Dunwoody.

Imagine you’re in a swanky glass safe house. We know. Weird. But that’s kind of what this rectangular little sunroom feels like. There’s no kitchen attached. No visible bar. It’s just you, a handful of attractive strangers and a few waiters sliding in and out to hand you Manhattans and extra mustard for your charcuterie board.

But essentially, it’s a hotel restaurant with exposed wooden beams and a bunch of dangling lightbulbs everywhere. Somewhere you can walk into, secure a stark-white table next to the floor-to-ceiling windows and know with confidence that your malted Belgian waffle will come extra fluffy at 9:30am.

Or maybe it’s 9:30... pm. Even better. Leave the remnants of your seared scallops inside and decamp to that aforementioned fire pit.

Bonus: it’ll actually be on if it’s cold enough.

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