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Bao and Asian Pop Art on the Westside

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Nine times out of 10, you work straight through lunch.

One time out of 10, you lunch straight through work.

Let’s even out that ratio a bit, shall we...

Allow us to regale you with tales of Yum Bunz, a new dumpling house from chef Guy Wong (Miso Izakaya) and Mike Blum (the Real Chow Baby guy) destined to be your new “Hold my calls while I go eat bao” lunch spot, finally opening Monday on the Westside.

The general layout of this place: pretty simple. You just need one long room with communal tables, a few red, curvy lights from Spain and an Asian pop art mural that involves steamer baskets, Chinese symbols and women (all the best ones do).

It’s an order-at-the-front situation, so relegate that task to your intern’s intern while you find an empty tan booth. Sit there. Collect your thoughts. Stop bouncing your leg. Just wait for your Mongolian-BBQ-style bao with a frozen mango margarita.

Well... you can’t do that just yet, actually. The liquor license is still pending. But soon, they’ll have things like spiked bubble tea and cocktails on tap created by T. Fable Jeon of former Pinewood and current Miso Izakaya fame.

And having-a-cooler-name-than-you fame.


Yum Bunz
935 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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