Cat Fancy

It’s a Car. It’s a Boat. It’s Both.

None Roads.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Because we’ve got a car that drives on water.

Creatively sidestep traffic with the WaterCar Panther, an amphibious and not-at-all-superfluous vehicle for driving to/on the lake, available now by custom order.

Chalk this up to good ol’ American ingenuity. Or excess. Or whatever it is that makes someone think, “Hey, we should create a hybrid boat-car with the skeleton of a Jeep CJ-8, a lightweight fiberglass hull, a waterproof interior and an engine that’ll do 80 mph on land and 40 mph on water. That oughta sell like hotcakes.”

Say you want one. (Of course you want one.) Start by contacting these guys and collaborating on a custom order. They’ll handle the build work. You’ll handle the color selection (so, the hard part).

Then, a few months later, you’ll have a car that, with the pull of a knob and the push of a button, transforms into something seaworthy. Great. Now you’re all set to head out on a road trip.

To Europe.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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