Ahoy, Kap’n

Going Greek at Mike Isabella’s New Place

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Quick, grab 10 people. Yep, your co-ed ultimate frisbee team, that’ll work.

Now, make sure everyone likes goat. Or hummus, at least.

Because soon you’re going to Kapnos, Mike Isabella’s long-awaited ode to northern Greece (and whole-animal roasting), taking reservations now for a July 5 opening.

Remember the run-down diner in My Big Fat Greek Wedding... this is the opposite of that. Over here, a giant window-encircled bar with two communal tables made from the same tree and three lemonade cocktails on tap, including a grilled lemonade with gin.

On the other side: a Byzantine-looking dining room and a huge chandelier made from wineglasses—i.e., where you’ll summon shareable plates of baked lobster, Roasted Duck Phyllo Pie and samples from the goat, pig or spring lamb that’s spit-roasting over hickory in the open kitchen.

Come to think of it: better get one of those for yourselves. Which is where the 10 of you come in, at the butcher-block chef’s table. They’ll start you with meze and salt-baked whole fish before the chef comes over, presents the beast and starts slicing it up from the built-in cutting board.

First they invented Western civilization. Now this.


2201 14th St NW
(at W St)
Washington, DC, 20001


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