Things to do for June 27, 2013

The Weekender

A Silent Auction, a Waterfront Lobster Bake and Baseball. Yay, Weekend.

The weekend will be under the mister if you need it.

You, an Open Bar and Fried Clams

You, an Open Bar and Fried Clams

Hey, nice Nantucket reds. They should serve you nicely tonight at this waterfront party. So should the open beer-and-wine bar, silent auction and clam/lobster bake courtesy of legendary North Shore joint Woodman’s of Essex. You know, where the fried clam was born. After it was born in the ocean, that is.

Freshly Shucked Oysters. Beer. Yes.

Freshly Shucked Oysters. Beer. Yes.

A good way to decompress from a brutal week: beer. A better way: beer and eating Island Creek oysters. Especially when some farmers are shucking them for you from their oyster boat. That’s a Friday thing now on ICA’s waterfront patio. You tend to lean toward the better things.

Fridays through Aug 30, 5-9pm, $20/dozen, ICA, 100 Northern Ave, 617-478-3100

Farmers’ Market + CasaB = Lunch

Farmers’ Market + CasaB = Lunch

Union Square tapas house CasaB has lunch now. But only on Saturdays. And only during the Somerville farmers’ market season. Mostly because those farmers will be the ones supplying all the fresh produce for your cold cucumber soup and veggie sandwiches. Way to cut out the middleman.

Saturdays through Oct 26, 11am-2pm, CasaB, 253 Washington St, Somerville, 617-764-2180, see the menu

Catching a Baseball Game... from 1860

Catching a Baseball Game... from 1860

Take a mental picture of a pro baseball game. Say, through an old-timey sepia filter. Now, picture that coming to life. That’s this live baseball game on George’s Island. The rules: Civil War–era correct. The uniforms: same. Field of Dreams jokes: hopefully kept to a minimum.

Tres Gatos. Live Music. Bring a Fedora.

Tres Gatos. Live Music. Bring a Fedora.

Mondays. Yuck. But hey, Tres Gatos has Monday night acoustic sets now. And if it’s the first Monday of the month (like this one), you’ll get 10% off at the vinyl shop just for wearing a 1920s-style hat. So hopefully you like vinyl, otherwise you’ll just be wearing a weird hat.

Mondays, 5:30pm-midnight, Tres Gatos, 470 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, 617-477-4851

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