It’s Electric

A Remote-Controlled Amphibious Cocktail Car

None Tony Stark has a bionic suit.

Michael Knight had a talking car.

Dr. Emmett Brown had a DeLorean.

And you... have none of those.

Which is fine, because you have a remote-controlled tank-thing that delivers beers to you in the pool.

And before you ask, yes, it has a cannon.

Start feeling kind of awkward for the Electric Amphibious Vehicle, a remote-controlled cocktail server whose whole lot in life is keeping you and your pool-party guests in adult refreshments, available online now.

The scene: you’re lying on a raft in a pool. You’re thinking about how great it would be if some little thing would sputter up to you and offer you a beer. Then, slowly, out of nowhere, some little thing sputters up to you and offers you a beer. That’s the majesty of this creation.

Just fill it with beer (or cocktails, or Capri Sun Tropical Blasts), grab the remote control and send it on its merry way. It’s even got wheels in case you’re at a barbecue or something.

Oh, and should you need to grab someone’s attention, feel free to use the water cannon to do that.

Which it has. Because of course it does.

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