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A Sprawling Supper Club for Sushi and Steaks

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Bigger isn’t always better.

Unless you’re talking about steaks and sushi.

In which case: yes, yes it is.

Rub your chopsticks together for Rare, a sprawling supper club with plenty of elbow room for partaking in raw fish and medium-rare ribeyes, now soft-open.

Right, so, you could say it’s enormous. Some would call it huge. All would be correct. Because this wide-open behemoth of a sushi spot occupies two floors, houses a couple of long stone bars and has just enough room to fit you, some friends, some friends’ friends and the entire Texas Rangers farm system.

That being said, you’d probably be better off just coming here with a few clients for dinner. Stick with the first-floor dining room full of leather booths, wooden tables and wraparound banquettes. Get some Wagyu beef cooked on a hot rock. Broker a deal over Ron Burgundys. That’s a drink. It’s got scotch in it. You probably figured.

And just in case said deal requires some celebrating, there’s a lounge upstairs that’s open until 2am. Expect to find sushi snacks, stiff cocktails and a DJ doing DJ things in a DJ booth.

After 2am, though, it’s a chiropractor’s office.

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