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Pork Belly and Spicy Noodles in the Design District

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What do we want: noodles.

When do we want them: now.

Although, in all honesty, today at 6pm would suffice.

Sound the alarm for Pakpao Thai, a hotly anticipated beacon of authentic Thai cooking, now open for dinner in the Design District.

This place comes from the Oak and Belly & Trumpet team. So there’s a fair chance it’ll be attractive inside. And hey, look at that: attractive. Some highlights: soft greens and grays, an open kitchen and an intricate wooden bar with a polished stone top. Oh, and handmade kites. Lots of them. On the ceiling. They’re for looking, not touching.

Right about now, you’re either thinking about how badly you want to take a date here or about how badly you want to fly a kite. For the former, ask for a cozy two-top and some tequila-and-bird’s-eye-chili-spiked cocktails. Then move on to plates of braised pork belly and crispy soft-shell crab.

It’ll all be prepared by a chef who’s cooked for the Thai royal family in the past. So, in other words, he’s probably qualified to charcoal-grill you some squid with chili-plum dressing.

Good thing they serve that here.

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